John Bunton

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ontemporary writers," he said▓. "The more you read back into the century ▓before and the centuries before that...the more you see the continuities and changes of Chinese culture."CROSSING CULTURAL BARRIERS IN DIGITAL, VISUAL WORLDLaughlin has

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July 2011 - Present

been changing his syllab▓us and ways of teaching his students about literature in general as it is becoming "marginalized by digital culture and ▓visual culture." His Chinese literature course is no exce▓ption."I think another challenge we have here is that students are not necessarily reading a lot of literature a

  • subjective experience of being Chinese," he sai▓d.Li
  • terature is the original "virtua▓l reality," be it poetry,
  • fiction, drama or essays, which not only "portrays" what i

s going on in China

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May 2009 - July 2011

nyway, " he said. "We hav▓e to draw their attention back to the specific richness of language and text. But I also use more film and visual culture in my classes."As to his student▓s' reaction to the "By the River" novella collection, he said: "American students who don't know so much about China find it a little dif

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e profound about China
Expert - 7 years

ficult to relat▓e to the problems and issues that c▓haracters in these stories are dealing with.""Some of them liked stories more than I expected them to. And some of them disliked stories that I thou▓ght that they would like," he said. "But I think they▓ make a great component to use in teaching about modern and con

, the world, or

humanity which i
Advanced - 4 years

temporary Chinese▓ literature.""Apart from learning the thoughts, ▓feelings, and priorities of Chinese characters or authors, I think literature helps convince▓ us of our common humanity," he said. "This is particularly ▓important in a world that uses language and media ▓increasingly to divide us and distance us▓ from

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thing we also don't expect fro
Begginer - 2 years

others.""People who don't read foreign literatur▓es are more likely to view people of other cultures as fundamentally different and incomprehensible. Literature reminds us that behind walls of politi▓cs and ideology there continue to be ordinary people,▓ flirting with each other, dealing with the deaths of▓ their paren

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verage," he said."One doesn't

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ts, stealing bicycles, catching a cold, competing for recognition, or worrying that they look too old when they see themselves in the mirror," he said."We can relate to these things, and the power of this ability to relate is multiplied when it crosses linguistic and cultural barriers. When you can see this commona